This License is entered by Zarathemes. govern the use or redistribution of Zarathemes's software. This is a legitimate understanding between you (either an individual or a solitary substance) and Zarathemes for its software product(s) which may incorporate with extensions, services and themes templates.

By purchasing, installing, or using Zarathemes's products, you confirm that you have read this license and agree with consent to be bound by the terms of this Agreement. On the off chance that you don't agree to the terms of this License, you don't authorise to install or use any product of Zarathemes.

The Agreement winds up viable right when you get software, extension or theme from our site or get it through email or on information medium or by some other methods. Zarathemes reserve rights to roll out sensible changes to the terms of this license agreement and force its statements at any fixed time.


Buying a product of Zarathemes.

Customer will acquire a License Certificate which will stay substantial until the Customer quits using the Product or until Zarathemes ends this License on account of Customer's inability to agree to any of its Terms and Conditions.Each License Certificate incorporates a license sequential which is valid for one live Magento installation only and unlimited test Magento installations.

Customer will surely get 100% open source code.

You are permitted to customize our products to fit with your using reason.



For each new Software installation, you are obliged to buy a different License. You are not allowed to use any part of the code in entire or part in any software or product or website. You are will undoubtedly preserve the copyright information unblemished including the content/interface at base.


You are not allowed to share Zarathemes's any product to outsiders. Any circulation without our authority, including non business dissemination is considered as infringement of this agreement and involves obligation, as indicated by the present law. You may not put the any product onto a server that enables access to the Product by means of a public network or the Internet for distribution purposes.


You may not give, sell, sub-license, lease, rent or loan any bit of the Product to anybody.


You should agree to every single appropriate law with respect to use of products. Zarathemes's product and a bit of it are ensured by copyright laws and international copyright arrangements, just as other licensed innovation laws and bargains. As needs be, customer is required to treat the product like some other copyrighted material. Any activity damaging copyright law will be indicted by the current law. We hold the privilege to deny the license of any client holding an invalid license.


Without partiality to some other rights, Zarathemes may terminate this License whenever in dis obied time that you neglect to conform to the terms and states of this License. In such time, it establishes a rupture of the understanding, and your license to utilize the program is disavowed and you should obliterate all duplicates of Zarathemes product in your ownership. Subsequent to being told of end of your license, If you keep on using Zarathemes software, you thusly consent to acknowledge an order to keep you from its further use and to pay all expenses to implement our renouncement of your license and any harms endured by us as a result of your abuse of the Product. We are will undoubtedly return you the sum spent for buy of the Product for the end of this License.


In no event will Zarathemes be at risk for any harms (counting, without impediment, lost benefits, business intrusion, or lost data) ascending out of 'Approved Clients' utilization of or powerlessness to utilize Zarathemes products, regardless of whether Zarathemes has been informed concerning the likelihood of such harms. In no event will Cirkle Studio be at risk for indictment emerging from use of the Product against law or for any illicit use.