Recent Order Notification

The Someone Recently Purchased Notification extension for Magento 2 creates an atmosphere of customer trust and increases your online sales conversion via social proof which ups your company’s reputation.

The extension gives visitors real-time transaction updates and last ordered products displayed in a show pop-up box on the lower right-hand side of the screen. The display includes the customer’s location and the product purchased.


1. Easy to install.

2. Custom options, configurable in the admin

  • Notification message
  • Display locations
  • Display colors
  • Responsive layout options
  • Notification bottom border options

Why so many merchants are benefiting from this extension:

The Someone Recently Purchased Notification extension can increase sales for Magento web stores with infrequent sales, by displaying the last transactional order. This pop-up can be customized to display without the date stamp.

Magneto web stores with a higher volume of sales can choose to keep the display on a constant refresh mode, confirming to customers the active and trusted nature of the business.

Without this extension, your Magento web store offers no real proof to your customers that you aren’t some “fly by night” popup site.

Social proof is the new “Word of Mouth”. Download the extension and start increasing your online sales!

How it works and what your customers will see:

When a customer begins browsing your web store a small notification message will display on a pre-defined side of the screen and will allow the customer to view the last item purchased through the store.

The extension will allow the city, region, and country. Included with demographic info are a link to the product and date of the transaction. Web stores with higher traffic will have a scrolling pop-up that continuously updates as the customer shops.

Customers subconsciously place value on the decisions of others. With Someone Recently Purchased Notification extension, sellers can provide social proof to visiting customers that their online e-commerce site is credible, secure, and trusted by fellow shoppers.

Examples of social proof and the impact it holds on a business can be seen in; star ratings, product reviews, and displaying the number of units sold. The Someone Recently Purchased Notification extension provides this social proof by providing shoppers with a non-invasive method of increasing their confidence while simultaneously promoting products.

Social proof is the new “Word of Mouth”.

Installation Steps:

1. Unzip extension zip in to app => code directory

2. After that you have to run the following commands:

  • php bin/magento setup:upgrade
  • php bin/magento setup:static-content deploy
  • php bin/magento indexer:reindex
  • php bin/magento cache:flush

Configuration Steps:

Once you have successfully installed the extension, go to Zarathemes SalesPop => Configuration to configure the extension for use. Here you can find the option to enable the extension.


  • Enable Module: Option to enable or disable the extension.


  • Notification message template: Enter notification text to show in frontend popup.
  • Notification Display Position: Set position to show notification popup in a frontend
  • Enable in Mobile and Tablet View: Show popup into Tablet and Mobile View.
  • Waiting time after user close notification: Select display interval for notification popup
  • Last order count: Enter the number of recent orders to fetch & show information in notification popup.


  • Background Color: Select Background color to show entered color background in store frontend popup notification. You can change color and also add your liked color.
  • Show Bottom Border: Option to enable or disable border in store frontend popup notification.
  • Border Color: Select Border color to show specify border color in store frontend popup notification.
  • Text Color: Select Text color to show specify text color in store frontend popup notification.
  • Link Color: Select Link color to show specific link color in store frontend popup notification.